About PFYT

Who? I’m Josh, I run Penny For Your Threads. And thanks to the world’s greatest friends and family, the dream is still alive.

 Why? I started this idea for two main reasons – To slow down fashion. Tonnes and tonnes of clothes go into Australian landfill; approximately 6 tonne every 10 minutes. Secondly, to revive and inspire vintage sports culture in Adelaide.

 Where? Constantly I get asked ‘Where do you get all your clothes from?’ My clothes are sourced globally, whether it is bringing items home from my travels, or one of my trusted pickers whom I have met travelling through America and Europe.

 Thank you! It is because of YOU that PFYT still is ticking along, everything from buying a vintage jumper, to liking a photo or even visiting us at a market! Some parts of PFYT are not perfect, however between picking, cleaning, steaming, photography, uploads, packing orders and markets…my time is spread widely. Penny For Your Threads is and always will be; by the people for the people.


Buy from us, save some water.