About PFYT

Who are we?

Penny for your threads was founded in 2018 by a lovely Man from the Adelaide Hills Josh Penny. In July 2023 Ella, Will, Olivia and Callum have taken the reigns with the same mission to slow down fast fashion. 

Why shop Vintage?

Vintage is one of a kind, we encourage everyone to embrace and create there own style through vintage while rocking unique timeless pieces. 

We sell the highest of quality items, that will last you a lifetime. 
Around 10 million tons of non-durable textile waste is discarded yearly (insane right). The average Australians buys approx 56 new items of clothing every year, most of which are made from non-sustainable, non-durable materials. This makes us the second highest consumer to textiles in the world. 
But that's where we come in, lets lower these stats together. 


We have a great selection of curated items for our local markets. If you're a local Adelaidian or visiting south aus, make sure you comedown and say G'day, support local and other small businesses. 
You'll find a wider selection of vintage stock that isn't released online, at markets. 

Keep an eye on our socials for upcoming market dates. 

Thank you!

Its is because of YOU that PFYT still is ticking along, everything from making a purchase, to liking a photo or even visiting us at a market! Some parts of PFYT are not perfect, however between picking, cleaning, steaming, content, uploading, packing orders and markets…our time is spread widely. Penny For Your Threads is and always will be; by the people for the people.